Fourth Year and Beyond

You can see the finish line.  Design a timeline by meeting with the director of career services to draft a cover letter, revise/update your resume, and complete your personal statement for graduate/professional school.


Get ready to graduate!

You’re ready for the real world…almost. Our CD 401: Decision Making and Implementation course is known to by your fellow Saints as the most important non-required class you’ll ever take. This one-credit, eight-week course about life after Aquinas will smooth the transition from college to the world of work, service, self-employment, and/or graduate school. Polish your resume, practice interviews, learn job search strategies, and leave feeling confident about your future––it’s that good!

Completed an approved Advantage activity (internship, study away, or research)? You qualify for an Advantage Center cord to wear at Commencement. Get yours by submitting this application for consideration. Get details on GradFest, too.

How to Nurture Diversity & Inclusion at the Team Level

How to Nurture Diversity & Inclusion at the Team Level thumbnail image

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has led more of us to question how we can break down the racial barriers that prevent us from including and engaging with diversity. This is a big question and there is no single …

By Nisha Kumar Kulkarni - Idealist Careers
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How To Put Your Best Foot Forward During A Video Interview

How To Put Your Best Foot Forward During A Video Interview thumbnail image

As the quality and reliability of affordable video conferencing software and hardware increases by the day, video interviews have become commonplace for candidates and recruiting companies alike.

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken something that was viewed as more niche and …

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