Fall 2023 Journal of Helpful News

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Suit Up! with JC Penney · Oct 8, …

By Alex Stephenson
Alex Stephenson Administrative Assistant
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Make It Happen | Center of Communication (CenCom) Blog Post

Juan Cano is a Brand Manager at We Believers. Check out this blog post from the Center of Communication as he discusses his career journey and advice he has for students just starting their own careers:


By Alex Stephenson
Alex Stephenson Administrative Assistant
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How to Decide on a Major

As a college student, you’ll be making the first big decisions of your life. One such decision is choosing a major that is right for you. You’ll have to take many things into consideration, such as your interests and skills, …

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What Does a Financial Analyst Do?

A financial analyst is a finance professional who guides business and economic decisions. Some financial analysts work at investment banks, facilitating large transactions between corporations. Others may focus on tracking the performance of a product or service and making recommendations …

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