We’re overflowing with it. And we’re eager to fill your talent funnel and meet your professional goals for all types of opportunities, from internships to entry-level to advanced positions. Contact Dana Hebreard, Ph.D. or Brigid Avery, M.A. in the AQ Advantage Center at 616-632-2126 to learn more about how our team might support your strategic goals.


We are eager to help you fulfill your talent needs and meet your professional goals for all types of opportunities including internships, entry-level, and advanced positions. In-person, on-campus recruiter tables will be available based on CDC and Aquinas College guidelines. These tables are typically held in the Wege Student Center and include a $15 fee, which covers your reservation and all-you-can-eat buffet in our cafeteria. Please share your logo and fill out this form, so a member of our Career Services team can contact you.

We’re happy to promote upcoming virtual employer visits across our social media, too.


Employers from our backyard and all over the world trust Aquinas College. That’s why, since 1972, our internship program has continued to gain respect and recognition.

Internships are mutually beneficial for employers and students. Aquinas students complete internships for credit or certificate. Students completing an internship for credit register for the Internship Course and develop their vocational and professional paths through reflective writing and meaningful “real-world” assignments. Students and their mentor meet with the internship director for an onsite evaluation, to ensure students are meeting their learning goals.

Employer Frequently Asked Questions

Requirements for Internship Supervisors

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Aquinas College almost exclusively posts jobs and internships using Handshake, a free portal that allows employers to reach several partner schools simultaneously with just one post. Got questions? We’re here to help, 616-632-2126 or email advantagecenter@aquinas.edu.


Join our LinkedIn Group (Alumni College) to connect to our current students, alumni, faculty, and staff.  Consider recruiting on campus, conducting mock interviews, presenting to a career development course, or speaking to a student organization on campus.

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