Why Should I Intern?


I can understand why interning may seem like a complicated process and time consuming, especially if it is not a paid one.  Experience is valued in the workplace, but not always required. Why should you think about internships now? The short answer is that it’s actually super beneficial to everyone in a professional and personal sense. The long answer is what this whole blog is about, so please read to get to know why it’s required or always being recommended. 


From The Beginning


The internship journey can be a long one.  You first have to narrow down your career path, find organizations that you would enjoy working at, and then go through the application process.  A great first step is volunteering. Volunteering, as in not being paid??  Ew! But actually, volunteering can be incredibly helpful for this scenario. Starting as a one or two day volunteer gig can be so beneficial to experience organizations, industries, and careers. It allows  you an inside look around without any long term commitment. The next step might be asking several employees to do a job shadow and see the actual work you’d be doing everyday. If you aren’t sure how to find nearby companies, that’s when a handy dandy career fair can really help. Please research a job fair and how they work before participating (hint: make an appointment with the Advantage Center!). 


Your Education


Your education is so important and is great to be learning in a classroom. Yet, sometimes our brains cannot grasp a certain idea until we put it into practice.  How much easier would learning be if you had a place to put these newly found skills into action? So much easier. You’ll be surrounded by others who’ve gone through the same courses you have, and can help you in so many ways. The difference between you and these other people is their amount of experience with such knowledge. Learn from these people! Allow yourself to grow and ask questions about your career, especially surrounded by numerous workers trying to accomplish similar goals. Sometimes you can even find an internship that will pay you to learn. 




I am aware that some jobs don’t require any experience at all, but how many others are going for the same position? Adding experience to your resume automatically bumps you over all the applications that don’t. You cannot show much personality through a few pieces of paper to prove you’re best for the position. That’s why the Advantage Center keeps trying to make everyone’s resume look polished and add anything beneficial. Outside of strictly business, gaining this experience  helps build character and ready yourself for your life career. Nobody can mentally prepare themselves for years of work, but you can get an idea of how it’ll feel. It does nothing but help. 


Your Future


When about to graduate college, it can be so nerve wracking to know what comes next. Guess what, an internship can fix that. Being around those in the same line of work can really open some doors for you. Getting out there and doing great as an intern can show many people how ready you are for actual work. Being a great worker during an internship where you won’t be paid, really stands out to show how you can do even better with an income. You will be noticed if you care to be. Make your future easier. Entering college, so many options are thrown at your face, but as you keep going into a specific major you receive less choices. Help your future self asap by connecting with a few important people. 

By Annabella Bressler
Annabella Bressler