Generation Swap

Welcome to Generation Swap, a project and podcast about connecting across all stages of life.

No doubt you’ve heard of a ‘generation gap,’ but what’s a Generation Swap?

It’s a place where mentors and mentees — we call them Swapmates — come together to talk about goals, passions, and values, bringing out the full potential in each other. Rather than focusing on what divides us across generations, we explore all the ways in which we’re connected to each other. Don’t have a Swapmate? We’ll give you ideas on how to find one.

We use the term Swapmate — rather than mentor and mentee — because learning is a 2-way street. Swapmates listen, guide, and encourage, helping each other figure out life!

At the same time, this 2-way street has an important detour: research shows that it’s in the second half of life that many people discover their most authentic self, leading to greater life satisfaction.

Generation Swap is part of an Aquinas College class that reaches far beyond the boundaries of our campus. We’re sponsored by the Aquinas Advantage Center. Join us for conversations about the dance of life!

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