Sustainable Market Club

We are selling sustainable products such as locally grown organic products and secondhand clothes on campus. 

Join us to be …

Association of Student-Athletes

We are a leadership group who strives to give back to the community through sports and service.

Intramurals Aquinas

IMAQ is open to all students, athletes and non-athletes alike. Join an intramural sports team at AQ today!

Jane Hibbard Idema Women’s Studies Center

Our Vision: The Jane Hibbard Idema Women’s Studies Center prepares students to become catalysts for change and voices for feminist …

AQ Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs- Class Cancelations and Updates

AQ Athletic Band

The most energetic and fun group of musicians on campus. Providing support and entertainment at sporting events on and off …

AQ Bookstore

Be ready for class with all your textbooks, writing instruments, notebooks etc. Aquinas college apparel is ready for you to …

Residence Life

Living on-campus gives students the opportunity to develop and thrive in all dimensions of life. The convenience and proximity to …

Aquinas College Ping Pong Club

The Aquinas College Ping Pong Club aims to bring students and faculty together with the fun sport of Ping Pong.