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International Progams handles all things international – from assisting Global students on campus to supporting students studying away. Interested in learning more? Contact Nisha Van Laar, Director, at nisha.vanlaar@aquinas.edu.

Italy Fall Semester Thomas More College

Rome, Italy
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Aquinas College is proud to partner with Thomas More College on the Rome Semester Program, located walking distance from the …

Spain Fall Semester University of Salamanca

Salamanca, Spain
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Aquinas College’s Spain Program is located northwest of Madrid, in the city of Salamanca. Each fall semester students participate in …

UK Fall Semester St Mary's University

Twickenham, United Kingdom
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You have the opportunity to study in the United Kingdom for a semester on the beautiful campus of St Mary’s …

Argentina Spring Semester Universidad de Belgrano

Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Aquinas College’s Argentina Program is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina through program provider CEA. Each spring semester students participate in …

France Spring Semester Université Catholique de l'Oues

Angers, France
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Aquinas College’s France Program is located in western France in the town of Angers. To achieve the cultural immersion objective …

Germany Spring Semester University of Lüneburg

Lüneburg, Germany
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The Lüneburg program’s curriculum focuses on German language and culture. Additional courses in business, political science, history, art and engineering …

Ireland Spring Semester Connemara West

Tully Cross, Ireland
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Ireland is a small island country with a rich and varied history. While it is a “Western” and English-speaking nation …

Study Business in Dublin Linda Hagan

Dublin, Ireland
May 15, 2023
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Join business professors Mark O’Toole and Linda Hagan for a short-term study away experience in Dublin, Ireland. Learn about Irish …

Education in Finland and Sweden

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Learn how the Finnish Board of Education afforded a tuition-free education for its students. Moreover, learn how they maintain …