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The AQ Advantage Center is your partner in integrating career-readiness into the classroom. Below are the ways we can collaborate with you. Contact Dana Hebreard or Brigid Avery if you want to discuss further.

  1. Internships for Academic Credit
  2. Community Engagement: One time or ongoing experiences, place-based projects, fall and spring break trips and field trips. 
  3. Alumni & Employer Engagement: If your class would benefit from connecting with an industry expert, the Advantage Center can assist in coordinating guest speakers, career panels and shadowing opportunities. 
  4. Vocation, Life-Calling, and Senior Capstone Courses: GE 110 Career & Self Awareness (1-credit) geared towards first year students, GE 210 Life and Career Planning (4-credit) with a job shadow component, GE 410 (1-credit) aims to set graduating students up for success.


Student success depends on it. We’re here to partner with you to give your students the onramp they need to reach their academic and career aspirations.

Strategies for Success

  • Building networks: When employers visit campus, join them for lunch or attend class-to-career professional development seminars.
  • Connecting the dots: Be clear with students about the career-ready skills they are developing in college and in your classes. Give tangible examples, so they can then articulate these skills to employers and on their resume. 
  • Know the outcomes for your majors: Career Services has plenty of data to share. Better yet, partner with us on data gathering and encourage your graduating seniors to complete our First Destination Survey.
  • Engage Alumni: Seeing is believing. Bring back successful alums to speak with your students about their career journey.
  • Integrate experiences into the classroom: Consider how community engagement could strengthen student learning and professional development. 
  • Encourage internships and work experience. Even if your program doesn’t require an internship, most students can complete internships for elective credit. Career related work can be just as beneficial. We can assist students in finding the right opportunity.

Use this form to connect with us and get started on community and career-engaged learning today!


The Advantage Center Team can create a special presentation catered to your curriculum, such research opportunities in science or internships for sustainability majors. Last minute cancellations will be accommodated based on availability. Fill out the request form.

First Destination Survey

Nothing inspires like a good success story––and our students have plenty of them! Six months post-graduation, the Career Services Office surveys AQ graduates and compiles their success stories. Get inspired by our First Destination Survey.

Experiential and Engaged Learning

The AQ Advantage Center is excited to partner with you to help you explore how to integrate career-readiness into the classroom.  Looking for a class presentation? The Advantage Center Team can integrate a number of topics into the curriculum.

  • Career Exploration and Assessments: PathwayU and Strengthsfinder
  • Personal Branding and LinkedIn
  • Job Search Information (Resume, Cover Letters, etc.)

Additional Resources

Purple Pen generously supported the AQ Advantage Center to create web content.

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