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The AQ Advantage Center is your partner in integrating career-readiness into the classroom. Below are the ways we can collaborate with you. Contact Dana Hebreard or Brigid Avery if you want to discuss further.

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The AQ Advantage Center is excited to partner with you to help you explore how to integrate career-readiness into the classroom.  Looking for a class presentation? The Advantage Center Team can integrate a number of topics into the curriculum.

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Internships – AQ Advantage Center

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9 Tips to Build Your Clinical Leadership Skills

Clinical leadership roles are a great way to advance your career and take it to the next level. They enhance your ability to make changes and increase your responsibility. They also often include an increase in pay, which never hurts.

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Ultimate Guide to Internship Application Deadlines

Internships are a great way to get on-the-job experience, learn job skills, grow your network, and learn more about a career path and company. Yet a key part of landing an internship is making sure you apply at the right …

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AQ Saints Network

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2022 AQ Advantage Center Careers In Science Panel

The AQ Advantage Center hosted a virtual Zoom call to hear from individuals who have earned their undergraduate degrees in various fields of Science.

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