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It’s a leap––and we’re here to help your student make it with grace and grit.

Our Career Services are key to getting the most from your AQ experience. As our name states, our career services are The Advantage to earning a degree with us. We encourage your student (and you!) to take advantage of the many resources we offer early and often in their college career. The sooner we get to know students, the more we can help them achieve their goals, in college and in their career.

Count on The Advantage Career Services for:

  • Career development, including choosing a major and career path
  • Resume and cover letter development
  • Job searching and interview preparation
  • On-campus recruiting
  • Workshops and seminars on a wide variety of career-related issues
  • Major career fairs throughout the year
  • Preparation for applying to graduate or professional school
  • Online information, resources and tools

 First-Year Students

Welcome! College is complicated. This first year is about assessing skills, interests, and abilities. We offer a one-credit course, CD 100 (Career and Self Awareness), to help your student discover how their personality aligns with different career paths. Encourage your student to explore new interests and activities before they land on a career direction. Suggest taking CD 100 and meeting with one of our career coaches afterwards. We’re here for your whole family.


If your Saint has yet to select a major, don’t panic. Aquinas has a wide variety of academic programs. Encourage your student to talk to advisors, professors, or our career coaches. Suggest our Take a Saint to Work Job Shadow Program or setting up a LinkedIn account and connecting with the Aquinas College group to build alumni connections.


Now’s the time for your student to get involved with internships, mentoring programs with Alumni Relations, and other experiential learning opportunities like student research and study away. Your student may want to invest in a professional suit for career fairs and internships––and if they need help, visit our Advantage Closet!

Finally, Seniors

They made it! And they need guidance more than ever. Be in tune with your student, offer advice and connect them with resources. Listen to their excitement, fears, and dreams. Keep the lines of communication open by watching their nonverbal cues and backing off a bit if you feel them retreating.  Ease your senior’s transition from the world of college to the career world by:

  • Staying Positive: The career search is a process. Keep a positive perspective and press on––progress, not perfection. Our CD 401: Decision Making and Implementation is a favorite among seniors. Encourage yours to check out this one-credit, eight-week course about life after Aquinas.
  • Networking: If you are an Aquinas alum, connect with the alumni association to become part of the mentoring program.
  • Vetting their Résumé/Cover Letter: Encourage your Saint to make an appointment to review their résumé and cover letter. We can help them best position their strengths and express their passion for their field of choice.
  • Interviewing: Have you seen the Big Interview platform? It’s a great resource for students and alumni. Discuss appropriate attire, interview responses, and other tips.
  • Understanding the Job: Review the job offer together, including salary and benefits. Remind your student that, while the first job may not be a perfect fit, it is often a stepping stone to other career opportunities.
  • Connecting on their Terms: Some graduates are more independent than others. Give yours the advice and support they need and want. Meet them where they are, without pressure or judgment.

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All students and alumni have access to Handshake, the online career portal we use to schedule appointments; view internships and job postings; and sign up for on-campus events and interviews. If they haven’t already, ask your student to check it out.

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