Summer 2023 Edition

Summer 2023 Journal of Helpful News

Need help? The Advantage Center team can help you get ready for your upcoming career, from internships, career pathways, resumes, cover letters, and much more! Our office is open Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm.

Upcoming Events

Suit Up! with JC Penney · October 8, 3pm-6pm · Woodland Mall

Drop by the Woodland Mall (3225 28th Street Southeast, Grand Rapids, MI 49512) on for a semi-annual event hosted by JCPenney. Student can get significant discounts on professional attire to help them prepare for the upcoming recruiting and job search season!

Career Launch! · October 23, 4:30pm-6pm · Lower Donnelly Conference Center

Whether you’re a first year student just getting your boarding pass or a senior ready to blast off, accelerate your journey, boost your professional self and prepare for your flight post AQ. Rotate through each of the launch pads while fueling up on snacks along the way.

Virtual Careers in Science Alumni Panel · March 20, 5pm-6pm · Virtual

Hop on this Zoom call to hear from individuals who have earned their undergraduate degrees in various fields of Science. Bring your best questions about post-grad life!


We’re open all summer long!

The AQ Advantage Center is open throughout the summer for all your career preparation needs! Whether you need help with your resume or cover letter, or would like help preparing for a job interview, and much more, we can help.

To ensure you are able to meet with someone, we highly recommend making an appointment!


Nelson’s Bowtie

Need something to wear for an upcoming career fair? Make an appointment at Nelson’s Bowtie, a FREE student-run store of professional attire, right on campus! If you found something you like, it’s yours to keep for all your career needs. Students are welcome to make an appointment or simply stop by during our office hours.

Get a Head Start with our Career Courses!

No matter where you are on our AQ Saint journey, we have a career course just for you to help get you ready for life beyond college.

GEN 110 Career and Self-Awareness: If you’re just starting your AQ journey and wondering where it might lead, this is the class for you! This class is designed to help you identify skills, interests, abilities, goals and values – and how it all connects to your future career. You’ll get a head start on designing your resume, writing cover letters, and learning valuable interview skills.

GEN 410 Decision Making and Implementation: Thinking of life beyond Aquinas and preparing to navigate a post-college world? GEN 410 can help assist you in making the transition from college to the world beyond, whether that be a job, service, self-employment or graduate school! Learn how to set goals, finalize career options, research employment or graduate school opportunities, polish your resume, write cover letters, and more!

By Alex Stephenson
Alex Stephenson Administrative Assistant