Festive & Frugal: A Holiday Blog Special

It can be difficult to decorate or celebrate the holidays once you’re in college. Being away from home without a lot of extra spending money can cause stress during what should be a joyful time. Positivity and relaxation, especially with finals coming up, can come from the small things like decorating your room. Holiday items can get expensive though so here are some tips on how to get festive as a broke college student!

Where Could I Go?

Surprisingly, there are a lot of different places where you can get inexpensive decorations! The most obvious would be any dollar store. Dollar stores have smaller items that can easily fit on your bookshelf or dresser. Or tap into your creative side and  create something on your own! Check out Glue Guns & Roses for some great ideas. Grab your floormates or roommates and have a DIY craft night. Thrift stores are an amazing place to find just about anything for a great price (and a more sustainable option than the dollar store). Lastly, consider shopping local. Although these items might be a bit more expensive, you are supporting a local business. Rebel, right in Eastown, will transport you to a magical winter wonderland. Maybe pick one beautiful ornament that speaks to you and hang it somewhere you will see it every day.  


Certain Times Means Serious Discount

If you’re looking to be real smart about budgeting, certain seasons bring out discounts. Coats and gloves are very expensive when snow comes, but when it’s 70 degrees outside, every store wants their coat supply to be gone at half off! Looking for holiday items should be done when the holiday season ends. Once a holiday ends, the stores start stocking for the next and leave the old ones to hit the clearance isles. When looking, find simple items that work for the entire season. For example, pumpkins and scarecrows can be put out for both Halloween and Thanksgiving times. 


How Can a Dorm be Festive? 

With such a smaller space it’s difficult to actually decorate without throwing things all over the place to look scattered.

Focus on specific points of the room; create some “moments”. Whether it be your door, bed, or closet, applying holiday spirit to only certain areas will bring spurts of joy (and will feel organized). As mentioned, DIY is a great way to have a fun activity while making an inexpensive and memorable masterpiece! To add a sense of home you could always borrow a small decoration from your house (I mean, ask first of course) to create some comfort during stressful times while away at school.


By Annabella Bressler
Annabella Bressler