Why Should I, a First Year Student, Go to The Advantage Center?

Photo of blog writer and student Bella on a porchWe are so thrilled to introduce you to the newest member of the AQ Advantage Center, Annabella Bressler! Bella is a first-year student and hails from Sturgis, Michigan. Each week, she will share her thoughts on our AQ Advantage Blog, highlighting issues that matter to students, from a student perspective. Have a concern or question you would like Bella to address? Email careerservices@aquinas.edu and let us know! Welcome, Bella and happy reading!


Being a freshman at Aquinas, you receive multiple presentations of all the services available. The AQ Advantage Center  may seem like their services are aimed towards upperclass students, but they are here for first year students as much as anyone else!

Who’s Prepared for College?

Assuming you’re a freshman, you won’t have your whole career life planned out. Maybe you don’t even have your major planned out, and that’s okay! This is why the Advantage Center is here. Choosing majors, minors, careers, and courses can all be frustrating, but definitely easier by reaching out to the experts. Understanding your own personal or professional goals helps create an exciting end to this challenging pathway, so figure out why you’re choosing this experience. While internships, studying away, or long term careers seem so far away, your journey  can be started today with a few clicks on Handshake to make an appointment. Stay on top of things while you can!

Chin Up and Clear Mind

“When you know more, you can do more” is a clever phrase posted on this website, which holds more meaning than it portrays. Gaining inspiration for future jobs and current majors / minors is what this office is all about! Inspiring, pushing, and wanting success is what we all want and AQ Advantage can help you in your process. Identifying your values and abilities is more than difficult if you can’t see how great you are, but this staff will help you draw out your strengths.

The Fun Stuff!

You’ve obviously heard of the wonderful Waffle Wednesday, laser tag games, and Saint Stock. Did you know the advantage center did it all? As the hilarious Brigid Avery says “Come for the waffles, but come back for the helpful information”. While they love alleviating your stress with these great activities, they can also reduce anxieties by furthering your career-ready skills. It’s not all just fun and games, but hard work and hope for the future too!

The Staff Who do it All

The lovely staff over at this center couldn’t be more welcoming to every type of character that comes through their door. They will ask you questions like “What have you always loved? What kind of people do you want to help? What kinds of problems do you like to solve?” You will be heard and acknowledged, eve

n if you don’t haveall the answers. Wait, I forgot to mention how easy it is to see any of the staff one-on-one! Handshake, which is the lovely hundredth app you’ve been asked to download, provides just a few clicks to set up an appointment. If walking from Joes is too much, you can select a video chat as well. If asking questions isn’t comfy for you during the appointment, they always have student staff who are more than happy to help too.

Log into aquinas.joinhandshake.com > Click on Career Center > Click Appointments > Select a topic > Select an appointment type > Find a time that works for you!

Just Give it a Chance!

Even if only attending events is how you’ll meet this staff, it’s better than never coming by. The Advantage Center offers every grade level more help and inspiration along any path you decide. Come say hi, and the millions of smiles will surely reel you right in!

By Annabella Bressler
Annabella Bressler