Alumni Spotlight Bailey Ballard

Meet one of our Aquinas College alumni, Bailey Ballard!

About the Alum

Bailey was attracted to Aquinas College because of the Track and Field Team. She excelled in the Hammer Throw leading the AQ Saints to many victories

She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sports Administration. Bailey is currently the social media and marketing coordinator of Howies Hockey Tape



Favorite Memory

My favorite part of my college experience was being a part of the track team. Whether you are an athelete or not, get involved on campus! You will make friends for a lifetime.

And take advantage of mentorship programs. Paul Bee was an amazing mentor! The best thing I ever did for myself professionally was reach out to him. I advise all students to make those important alumni connections.


Did You Know?

I interned as the Aquinas Athletics Department Marketing Intern and the Gold Operations Management Intern – it was tough work at times, but great experience for my future career!

Fun fact – I am related to Robert Ballard, the person who found the Titanic after it sunk.

By Dana Hebreard
Dana Hebreard Director, Advantage Center and Career Services